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10000 Quid Big Thanks · £5.00 · Jul 11, 14
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TheCheata @ 222Craft
Fly for a Day · £2.22 · Jun 24, 14
D1 Pack · £1.00 · Jun 15, 14
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Fly for a Month · £10.00 · Jun 12, 14
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D3-4 Upgrade · £9.00 · May 18, 14
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hey. judt thought id let yall know, that my computer broke :c so i wont be on for, a long time. . . And i judt started playjng again. . :c
if you already have shops, they will remain active but you cannot create more without assistants
I am still online :) (now what is the destroy world command again) :p I hope the fix it soon :)
Hey are authentication servers down?
Im not completely aware of what happens to that, i think shops and stuff like that become way more Rank Type specific considering the new ranking system.
So for instance my shop in the making is now scraped? After the amount of quid that has gone into the signs so far?
Its hard to explain, but we cant give you any extra perks that might give the donation players an edge over the players who have not donated.
Cosmetic items?
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