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Hello from the 1.8 Test Server, Join us to Play some Street Fighter!
clicking the new server link, but "no data received" :)
Yo all! How's my fave server doing? I'm gonna be making a massive comeback after Boxing Day! And with your permission - Livestreaming the server to my Twitch channel! :) Hope y'all are doing fab!
looking forward to it.
thats like the 1 day i cant be on! :)
My plan for the open testing includes: Trial migration of some player files. Testing permissions, try to get a build or 2 over. Let's see how it will go.
the open testing, anything we create will be lost right, and will it be like anew world with none of our inv etc?
If all goes well, this friday we are going to have an Open testing. IP will be posted!
Not that i Know of, However the 222craft ftb server seem's to be where it's at currently matey.
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