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twice i got in a gitch was swimming first time i was in the ocean north x north x east near the edge of the astroid second time i jumped in the water at my island haus on world
i use spacesniffer, its a great free program to find out what is used up
calebh, get somthing called CCleaner, its free and you can choose what you want to get rid of, honestly i got rid of around 2-3GB of spacede from chace >.<
Thanks Dark:D
yaay my first time back on and i cant do anything:P
Hey guys! My computer is being slow and my game crashes before I can get on 222craft... So I am hoping my dad will help me clean up my PC, I will see him over the weekend so I wont see ya in like 4 days! Bye!
Mod,click my sparkely name and press add friend.
is the Egg Hunter quest meant to refresh?
Fun is on it's way! :d
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