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They are an endangered species, so it pretty much is.
i want killing polar bears to be illegal
Server now is 1.10
I'm 99.9999998% positive that it's not the text that causes your laptop to go 'Nope' on you, it's the mass amount of plugins that you need to load when joining the server.
I find the text to be a bit annoying as well - just my 2 cents.
Doubt it's text that's causing that. More likely to be the area you're spawning in if anything. Make sure your client is assigned enough RAM too, if it's reverted to the default 256mb then that can also be a reason
Nice idea but not a good one as it's caused me so much lag that I barely just get onto the server before my entire laptop goes "lol nope" cuz there's so much going on on the screen.
Who's idea was it to come up with whole "Lets cover the players screen with text when they arrive?" because I've tried to get on and it's caused my laptop to have a meltdown.
I'm good Pirate - kinda lonely though.
How are we all??
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