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10000 Quid Big Thanks · £5.00 · Jul 11, 14
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Fly for a Day · £2.22 · Jun 24, 14
D1 Pack · £1.00 · Jun 15, 14
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Fly for a Month · £10.00 · Jun 12, 14
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Can I take the Merchant class please
Completely makes sense alert me as soon as you have finished
I got tons on my plate still, and slowly i AM implementing stuff. Applications are coming soon, but at present it isn't top priority. Remember i am doing this all by myself.
Where do we apply with new ranking system?
why am i timing out alot is the server doing something or what?
You should read the forums before having a hissy fit @ Umbingengott. This isn't our fault, but rather the new EULA being forced on us by Mojang. Go read the forums
so u take all my homes away that i payed for and i got nuthing with the Rank i work so hard for WTH
why cant i use my /home 1-5
ik, how do i use it?
That is part of CraftBook, not CommandBook
You do not have access to shout
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