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/me raids Dwarvington
Oh no Diggy! I'll look after things while you're gone.
Charger broken, no access to comp, dont expect to see me
My pleasure Fasda. It's the least I can do.
And a Thanks to Harua for extending the time on the website too! :)
Thanks to DragonSMP for their kind donations towards the server!
I second :)'s comment. 7days2die is great for those who like minecraft, Im not much of a zombie fan but this game hooked me in pretty quick!
7d2d or 7 days to die, is a game on Steam. In some aspects it is similar to minecraft, as in it is an open world sandbox type game with zombies. You can mine, build, explore, loot and craft in it. It is a game worth checking out.
"STDT is a game you have to buy." 1 Letter away from a hilarious Typo xD
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